Join Srishti Family

We welcome you to be part of our Srishti family and contribute towards betterment of our community. We are a very vibrant community who are actively involved in:

  • Various Philanthropic reach out.

  • Celebrating our Traditions

  • Youth Development Programs, Summer Programs

  • Cultural Program involving professional and local Talent

Membership Benefits

Youth Connect

Special events for children and youth are conducted all through the year

Arani Magazine

Members can write in our annual magazine.

Philanthropy and Volunteer Work

We do lot of social work which you can be part of

Srishti Community Network

Members are part of fb and WhatsApp group which gives them access to new friends and networking

Membership Categories

Please note above mentioned membership categories come with restrictions. 

All of the above mentioned membership categories includes External Artist Event tickets
If anyone wants to participate outside of their chosen events associated with their membership categories, please purchase Non Member daily event pass.

( Please refer to the Non Member Daily pass table)

Membership Cost

Family with kids upto 3yrs will be considered as Couple

Non-Member/Daily Pass Categories


Gaan Bhalobeshe Gaan!
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