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Durga Puja

Sharodiya celebration: Durgotsav or Sharodotsav, is an auspicious ceremony to pay homage to Ma Durga. 

The traditional "Garad" white with red bordered sarees, is symbolic of Bengali women in their fineries. The traditional fashion guide all the men of the house is "dhuti" and "tussar" kurta. 

Durga Puja for the Bengalis is much more than a festival. The pujo feast is an emotion, and another scent synonymous with the auspicious celebrations is of mouth-watering traditional Bengali cuisines which includes Kichuri or Bhog, Labra, Luchi and many other delicacies. 

This year joins us in this joyous journey, through "Kaas Phul" in the meadows and fragrant "Shiuli" flowers, which signals the arrival of goddess Durga and help us spread happiness and blessings of our ancestors and loved ones.

We look forward to celebrating with you! Please follow the link given below for registration.

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The 3-Day Sharodotsav celebration features scintillating performances. Here is a glimpse!

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