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Diwali & MahaKali Celebrations

MahaKali celebration, is a festival, originating from the Indian subcontinent, dedicated to the Ma Kali. The celebration coincides with Diwali, the festival of lights which is celebrated over a period of five days.
During Diwali, people decorate their homes with colorful lanterns and "rangolis", and they offer prayers for prosperity and well-being. We celebrate Diwali, with our loved ones and friends and families. We decorate our homes with "diyas" or candles, and prepare traditional dishes. We also participate in community events such as cultural performances, fireworks display, and charitable activities.


We look forward to celebrating with you! Please follow the link given below for registration.

** Registration is required for all, except for Diamond & Gold Members**
Please check the
Members Guidelines for both Members & Non-Members for event registration.

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