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Literature & Art

"Music is what feelings sound like" say wise people. To some it's akin to having a religion and for some it's an outburst of the soul. In Srishti, it's the song that our heart sings. Be it classical, semi classical, contemporary, Bhajans, Bhakti Geeth, Shyama Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul geet, Bollywood music or instrumental - we embrace all with cheerful abandon. So if music is what drives you, then come and share the passion with Srishti's musical team. Music is not just what we do. It's who we are!

Undoubtedly, the one single characteristic that we human beings can claim to possess above all is the ability and skill to create.  We were created to create. This world is truly a canvas to our imagination and art is the only way to run away without leaving home.  So in Srishti, which is our home away from home, we offer you a platform to bring out the artist in you through ARANI - our annual literary publication that has served as the spark to ignite the fire of imagination through the years. ARANI - Our medium of thoughtful expressions, Our conduit to the world of creativity.  Come join us and our artists as they dip their brushes in their souls and paint the world with vibrant colors of their imagination.  After all, being creative is not a hobby; it is a way of life in Srishti!

It's true that dancers do not need wings to fly. It's a conversation between body and the soul. At Srishti, we follow the adage by Albert Einstein:

"We dance for laughter

We dance for tears

We dance for madness 

We dance for fears

We dance for hopes

We dance for screams

We are the dancers

We create the dreams"

So come dream with us. Calling all dancers out there...and we'll dance like no one is watching!

"All the world's a STAGE" and Srishti provides you that Platform to bring out that actor/actress in you. We believe that the play is not in words, but  in you! So have a story to tell, a reason to cry, want to be someone other than yourself?  Then Srishti Drama team is the place to be! Calling all wannabe actors and actresses.  Come join us....It's Showtime!