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Piling up our schoolbooks in front of the idol, with the math book right on top alongwith our pens and  notebooks - we would rely on the goddess to turn us into geniuses overnight. I doubt much has changed over the years. We all knew that Saraswati was the goddess of knowledge and learning, and if there was any faculty within us that required additional honing, only she could do it. This was the day when yellow, also called ‘Basanti’, became the color of choice and signified the arrival of spring. ‘Bhog’ would mostly be khichuri served with begun bhaja a rather typical combination at Srishti of Charlotte.

We look forward to celebrating Saraswati Puja together!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

William R Davie Park

4635 Pineville - Mathews Rd,

Charlotte NC 28226

Past Event


Srishti has always been our home away from home. Srishti's Poila Boishak celebration is aptly named by its member (Saptami Sarkar) as, Anondodhara. You will leave contented and connected as you enjoy the soulful melodies, beautiful dances, abritti, natok and indulge in the sumptuous Bengali favorites like Luchi, Cholar Dal, Aloo'r Dum, Chati,  Rabri are dished out at the venue.

So come and connect with your roots, introduce the next generation to our customs and culture and let the active participation of Srishti's young and young at heart embrace you with our warmth and enthusiasm.

We look forward to celebrating Anondodhara together!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

William R Davie Park

4635 Pineville - Mathews Rd,

Charlotte NC 28226 

Past Event

Annual Picnic


Fri, 19 Oct 2018


Jimut Roy - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Winner 2017

9 pm onwards

Friday, October 19

Charlotte Prep School

212 Boyce Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

Join us for a day of  Fun in the Sun at Srishti's Annual Picnic, Hoi Choi. Make the most of the Carolina weather where you can meet and mingle, make new friends, connect with like minded families over a lots of games and a delicious picnic lunch.


Its a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy the outdoors and the parents to relax and enjoy some family time. We look forward to seeing you at the picnic.

Come and enjoy a fun filled day with us.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

McDowell  Nature Preserve Campground

15222 York Road,

Charlotte, NC 28278

Durga Puja

With the end of monsoons, when the fluffy clouds fill the firmament, autumn heralds the coming of the festive season of the year, Sharodiya Utsav. Durga Puja, the largest social and religious festival spanning for 5 days. Pandal hopping, wearing new clothes, thronging to food joints and catching up with old friends in Bengali’s quintessential adda are some of the highlights of Durga Puja.

Even after years of living away from Bengal one cannot forget the childhood fun and fanfare of our neighbourhood ‘barowari’ pujos. Srishti’s Sharadiya Utsav attempts to relive these moments and tries to amalgamates the tradition and contemporary theme of today’s and yester years Pujas and takes you through a nostalgic ride of Durga Puja in Charlotte. Relish mouth-watering  Bengali delicacies like Maach (Bengali Fish), Mangsho (Goat Meat), Chicken, Mishti (sweets) and other vegetarian dishes.

We look forward to celebrating Sharodiya Utsav with you!

Friday, September 29 - Sunday, October 1, 2017

Charlotte Preparatory School

212 Boyce Rd,

Charlotte, NC 28211

Kali Puja

The national festival of  Bengalis, Durga Puja, ends with a somber tone. But soon after that people again rejoices at the festive mood of Diwali where we seek the help of Maa Kali in destroying evil - both in the outside world and within us. Srishti of Charlotte is proud to celebrate the only Kali Puja in the Charlotte area. Don’t miss the best Kosha Mangsho (Goat Meat) in town besides various other mouth watering  delicacies.

We look forward to celebrating Kali Puja with you

Sunday, October 15, 2017

William R Davie Park

4635 Pineville - Mathews Rd,

Charlotte NC 28226